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Mid Century Modern Revisit

Complete restoration of this mid century modern gem. "We admired the original design of the home, and it's always satisfying to breathe new life into them. Updating the kitchen and bath required some structural adjustments to open the rooms up, and replacing the roof, windows, and exterior doors was necessary to keep the home more comfortable during the hot Austin summer months. But the house had great flow, and we didn’t want to lose that really important component. The updates have allowed the house to be more efficient and more useful, while inspiring the home to be enjoyed another 50 or 60 years."

Zack and Casey, owners/overseers of the project, saw past plenty of imperfections and embraced the idea of restoring the architectural gem. Mid century modern architecture is often overlooked, and the restoration doesn't value the true nature of that time frame. These types of buildings are historic and deserve their place in architectural history. They represent one of the best periods in design. This residence remained firmly grounded in its modern roots. Restoring and saving these wonderful mid century homes achieves not only a rewarding design result, but it also preserves history.

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